Are you interested in getting more involved with issues around your community? Is there a cause that I or my collegues in caucus have taken up that you would like to get involved with? Then please consider taking a copy of a petition. Circulate it around your community, collect signatures, and then deliver it to my office. I will gladly pass on any petitions you bring me to Queen’s Park.

If you are interested in drafting your own petition, be sure to ensure it is properly formatted. You can find a guide to writing petitions on the Ontario Legislature’s website at

Below, you can find some petitions that have already been drafted in regards to issues that the Ontario NDP Caucus is working for currently. Please help yourself to a copy.

Petition Supporting a $15 Minimum Wage: PETITION Supporting $15 Minimum wage

Petition to Stop Plan to Increase Seniors’ Drug Costs: 2016-02-29 Petition – Seniors Deserve Better (2)

Petition to Stop the Closure of Provincial and Demonstration Schools: 

Petition to Re-Establish the Ontario Anti-Racism Secretariat

Petition to allow Ombudsman Oversight of Long-Term Care Homes:

Petition to Make Childcare Affordable in Ontario: